Technically, an advanced solution

Advanced fuctionality and features sets Vendor Connect™ apart.

Vendor Connect™ is build on a traditional client/server model, a Microsoft SQL Server development based on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and the n tier architecture. The product is positioned as a corporate, extensible and scaleable solution.

The Microsoft Data Engine enables developers to build desktop and shared solutions that easily migrate to full Microsoft SQL server as the solution must scale. MSDE enables 100% compatibility with SQL server.


Vendor Connect™

  • GS1 System solution for all retailer requirements
  • EDI/eMessaging.
  • Retail Item identification and marking
  • Non retail identification and marking
  • Scan packing, accurate data capture
  • SSCC labelling
  • ANSI,EANCOM,XML messages


Vendor Connect™ Enterprise

  • Additional to Vendor Connect™:
  • Multi user
  • RF/WiFi scanner system led picking
  • Remote printing and mobile workstations
  • Back office integration
  • Freight system integration


Vendor Connect™ Logistics Label Print

  • Simple SSCC Pallet Labelling


Vendor Connect™ Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Manage retailers inventory levels
  • Sales and Inventory messages
  • Reverse Purchase Orders
  • Basic refill plans


Vendor Connect™ Warehouse Manager (Perpetual Inventory Management)
Provide a set of computerised stock control procedures to handle the receipt of stock into the warehouse facility, model and manage the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.g. racking etc), manage the stock within the facility and enable a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack and ship product out of the facility.
Vendor Connect™ Warehouse Manager deals with receipt, storage and movement of goods, normally finished goods, to intermediate storage locations or to final customer. Procedures to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, tracking inventory item quantities, storage, and movements by warehouse location. Wireless terminal scanning functions include receipting, put away, stock transfer, stock take, stock enquiry, replenishment, and picking.

  • Pick and Pack
  • Put Away
  • Receipt
  • Replenishment
  • Stock Enquiry
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Transfer


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